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Camping And RV Travel Tips

Camping And RV Travel Tips

When it comes to choosing your next camping destination, there are several important things you should consider. First, what type of campground will you be staying at? Second, how close is the area to major highways and airports for easy travel after you’s return home. And third, do they have facilities that appeal to kids?

There are many different types of campsites out there! You can choose between mobile homes, full-service sites with electricity, hookups, restaurants, etc., national parks where you need a vehicle to enter, state or federal forests with free dispersed parking, and more.

It really depends on your budget as well as what kind of traveling you want to do. Some people prefer staying in one location for a few days while others enjoy exploring new places every day. It also depends on whether you like being surrounded by lots of other people or not.

This article will go over some helpful tips when deciding which type of campgrounds to visit and what to look for when doing so.

Avoid camping in high-traffic areas

Camping and RV travel tips

This is very important to know as there are quite a few people that feel they have a right to use the area you will be choosing to spend your night sleeping in just because of how popular the site is.

Campgrounds seem to attract crowds around dinner time, but what most don’t realize is that some parts of the country still close down at dusk which is when most campers eat their snacks and beverages before heading home for the night.

If possible, try to find a campsite that isn’t near any restaurants or other forms of entertainment. You can also call ahead and make sure the sites aren’t used for such things so you won’t run into anyone else during your stay!

Another option would be to bring your own food and drinks along with you since you’ll probably be drinking more than eating while staying here.

Bring plenty of water

Camping and RV travel tips

Although some people enjoy staying in nice hotels every once in a while, most travelers prefer to say hello to the desert or beach for that matter! Luckily, you do not have to spend lots of money to stay somewhere with basic amenities close by. In fact, there are many great free camping sites across America!

Most municipalities allow tents to be set up along roadsides and other open spaces so long as you keep an eye out for traffic and use non-hazardous materials. Some even offer electricity and/or restrooms if you’re looking to truly feel like a VIP!

While it is important to bring along your own supplies (such as plastic bottles or tins), many grocery stores and gas stations will let you use their facilities free of cost when you run out!

Making friends who camp nearby can also prove very helpful since they may know of otherwise unreachable campsites.

Empty your bladder before heading to the bathroom

Camping and RV travel tips

When you are camping or traveling in an RV, emptying your bladder is probably one of the most important things to do. This is particularly true if there is no restroom nearby!
If you must go to the toilet, make sure you empty your bladder completely first by holding it for as long as possible (or use a potty)!

Many people start their trip with a water bottle that they never put down. Unfortunately, this can lead to some embarrassing situations when nature calls.

Never underestimate how much liquid someone else has just gone through either! If you need the washroom, keep an eye out for toilets or portable bathrooms so you don’t have to go outside or search desperately for a suitable facility.

Check the weather before you go

Before going camping or traveling in your vehicle, check the weather! Many people begin planning for their trip when it is already happening, which can sometimes be a good thing, but not always.

If you are waiting until later in the season to travel, there may not be as many campgrounds and RV resorts available because fewer and larger facilities tend to close down during colder months. Winter is also a very popular time of year so most hotels and motels have higher occupancy than normal. If possible, try to visit at one of these times to get the best experience.

Also make sure to check online reviews and talk to other travelers to find out what services this place has that others do not. This includes things like how nice the staff was, whether they were willing to help with additional amenities and/or discounts, and whether there was a clear picture market.

Dress in layers

Camping and RV travel tips

If you are planning to do some hiking, swims or other active outdoor activities, then don’t pack away all of your clothes! Layer up by putting on a heavy sweatshirt or shirt, leggings, and shoes.

You will be able to take off more clothing as needed, which helps preserve the environment. Also, keep an eye out for interesting looking plants and foliage as decorations for your camp site.

Use a tent, tent poles, and tent pegs

Camping and RV travel tips

While some people prefer to stay in campgrounds that have full-service facilities like swimming pools and restaurants, this is not always possible if you are traveling without a car or want to keep your budget down. Luckily, staying at home is one of our favorite pastimes so we’ve compiled some tips for you to help you bring your own bed, table, and chairs along on your camping trip!

You can choose from many brands when buying equipment such as tents, stove/ovens, and other essential pieces. Make sure to research different types of tents, stove parts, and tools before deciding which ones to buy. Some must be stored under a roof during use while others do not require this.

We recommend bringing both plastic and metal tent stakes since most do not include them. Plastic ones cost around $5 each whereas the metal ones average about $10 per pack of 10.

Make a plan for emergency situations

Camping and RV travel tips

In case of an unexpected situation, such as a natural disaster or vehicle failure, it is important to have a clear plan in place.

Many people begin camping with no plans beyond having fun. But this can be expensive if you are traveling during high season or at one of the many popular sites.

It is best to start planning your trip early so that you know where you will stay and what services there are available nearby.

You should also think about how much money you have before setting off on your adventure. Some things, like food and water, can be expensive when you don’t have enough advance notice.

Know your camp site location

Camping and RV travel tips

Many people enjoy camping because of the community it creates. You get to meet new people while you are close by, and some even find love after exploring nearby areas together.

Making friends is one of the best things about traveling with an RV or boat. Both vehicles have plenty of space for entertaining others so don’t feel that this can’t be done unless you are in a standard vehicle.

Don’t underestimate the value of being able to spend time outside either! Some people begin enjoying nature more seriously once they appreciate how beautiful and lush our environment really is.

Camp sites usually offer electricity which is nice if you want to use electronics like laptops or smart phones during down times. Make sure to research your options before arriving at your destination so you know what to expect.


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