Canelo Alvarez retains title with hard-fought decision victory over John Ryder

victory over John Ryder

Canelo Alvarez Knocks Down John Ryder in Homecoming Fight

Canelo Álvarez made a triumphant return to Mexico on Saturday night, May 6th, 2023, as he defended his undisputed super middleweight championship against John Ryder. The fight was billed as “The King is Coming Home” and it certainly lived up to the hype. In front of a rowdy home crowd, Álvarez knocked down Ryder in the seventh round and went on to win a unanimous decision victory.

victory over John Ryder

Canelo Alvarez’s Dominant Performance

Canelo Álvarez put on a dominant performance throughout the fight, out-boxing and out-punching Ryder at every turn. He landed more punches than his opponent in all 12 rounds and was able to control the pace of the fight with his superior footwork and boxing skills. Álvarez also showed off his power by landing several hard shots that had Ryder reeling at times.

Canelo Alvarez's

John Ryder’s Valiant Effort

John Ryder put up a valiant effort against one of the best boxers in the world. Despite being outmatched for most of the fight, he never gave up and kept coming forward with combinations throughout the bout. He was able to land some good shots of his own but ultimately could not match Álvarez’s speed or power.

Canelo Alvarez Retains Undisputed Super Middleweight Championship

In the end, Canelo Álvarez retained his undisputed super middleweight championship with scores of 120-107, 118-109, and 118-109 from all three judges. It was an impressive performance from Álvarez who showed why he is one of boxing’s biggest stars today. As for John Ryder, he can take solace in knowing that he gave it his all against one of boxing’s best fighters and should be proud of himself for that effort alone.


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