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Casino-inspired Cocktail Recipes

Casino-inspired Cocktail Recipes

As we already mentioned, inspiration for new drinks comes from everywhere — music, fashion, sports, and of course, casinos. Casinos have always used gambling as a way to inspire new cocktails or drink recipes!

Many people associate casino games with luck, but there’s more to it than that. A lot of them use psychology and math to influence your emotions and subconscious decisions in order to win at the game.

Certain types of gaming employ concepts like risk/reward, probability, and consistency to help determine who wins and loses. These concepts can be applied to anything beyond just playing cards!

Using these theories, some chefs mix different spirits together and add other ingredients to create new beverages or cocktail recipes. Some take these ideas one step further by mixing alcohol with foods or supplements to make what they call “cocktails savoury.”

With this article, we will go over several examples of how professional bartenders mixed alcoholic beverages using concepts such as risk and reward, and incorporating both healthy and unhealthy components.

Sour cocktail

A sour or acidified drink is characterized by taste components such as lemon, vinegar, or both. The most common type of sour drink is probably the margarita, which is simply mixed liquor (tequila, fruit juice, and water) with either plain white sugar or salt to be tasted.

A less well known but equally delicious sour drink is the Moscow mule. These are typically a mix of vodka, ginger beer, and mint leaves that have been stirred together and served in a glass. What makes this drink unique is the inclusion of horseradish syrup which gives it an intense flavor.

Both drinks are made to be sipped and enjoyed thoroughly, making them perfect cocktails for any time of day or situation. When drunk responsibly, they can also be fun ways to enjoy your drinking!

Sour cocktails – just like gambling – can get you into trouble if you overdo it. Make sure to keep track of how much alcohol you’re consuming and what kind! Also, don’t let people influence you to drink more than you should.

When was the last time you had a good laugh? Why not try making some funny faces and see what happens! You could make a run outside after you sip your drink too quickly.

Robust cocktail

Casino-inspired Cocktail Recipes

A robust or “manly” drink is made of one spirit, one citrus juice, one sweetener, and three ingredients typically referred to as an amaroso (a type of milk sugar), vermouth, and bitters.

The amaro is usually either bergamot or orange and works well in this drink because it goes well with the sweetness from the plain white wine and the creaminess of the milk sugar.

Vermouth is just like regular alcohol but without the color or flavor. In this case, it acts as a balance agent for the acidity of the lemon juice. It also contributes some taste to the drink.

Bitters are a class of alcoholic beverages that contain acids, herbs, and/or chemicals mixed together and dissolved in liquid. They can be categorized by their origin and style, such as Italian bitter or herbal, Egyptian spiced, etc.

Brunch cocktail

Casino-inspired Cocktail Recipes

A brunch cocktail is typically described as being sipped during the day while enjoying food or just because you feel like it. They are usually mixed drinks that contain alcohol, milk, and sometimes sugar!

Many people mix up different types of brunch cocktails by adding fruits to make them more interesting. The most popular additions include strawberries, kiwi, lemon, and/or oranges.

Making your own brunch drink recipes can be done in several ways. Some use premixed liquids whereas others blend their ingredients together before serving.

Pina colada

Casino-inspired Cocktail Recipes

Originally, people did not always know what ingredients would be used in their cocktails. As mixers evolved, so did some of our favorite drinks! With that, coconut was added to everything from margaritas to piña coladas to boost the drink’s flavor.

Originally, people did not always know what ingredients would be used in their cocktails. As mixers evolved, so did some of our favorite drinks! With that, coconut was added to everything from margaritas to piña coladas to boost the drink’s flavor.

It is important to remember when making any cocktail recipe that you have to use quality products. There are many brands that claim to make better mixed beverages than others. Obviously, it depends on your taste but some may prefer one brand over another.

Some things to look for when buying mixes or individual components of a drink include if the product seems well made, if there are lots of reviews about it, and if it is priced reasonably.

Piña colada

Casino-inspired Cocktail Recipes

The classic piña colada is made of coconut milk, pineapple juice, vanilla syrup, and Muddled or shaved ice. Sometimes people add rum but it is not essential!

This drink was first created in 1980 at the Hilton Hotel & Resort in Hawaii where they would blend together their delicious concoction of ingredients before topping them with a bit of coconut foam.

It quickly became very popular and now you can find this cocktail all over the world! Most recipes call for one part coconut milk to two parts pineapple juice and just enough liquid vodka or white sugar water to make a total of 2½ cups.

What makes the difference between a good and bad piña colada is how much vanilla extract you use and whether or not you mix in some alcohol. We recommend using an open pan process when making the coconut foam so that every piece has slightly alcoholic flavor.

Sex on the beach

Casino-inspired Cocktail Recipes

Who doesn’t love spending time at the beach? Whether it is early in the morning or late in the night, there are always people gathered around to enjoy the waves, chat about meaningless things, and/or have sex!

There you are, laying next to each other with your legs intertwined when all of a sudden someone grabs your waistband and says, “You know what this needs?”

It’s like they read your mind because you both simultaneously say, “A drink!” And so they go down on you until you taste chocolate and cranberry together for the first time.

That’s how the porn star term for kissing gets started!

I will never forget my very first oral experience. It was during spring break my freshman year at college and I spent that week planning ahead. My roommate and I would spend our free nights either going to bars we knew were well-sourced or hooking up with guys who lived across the street. We had a lot of fun exploring the area.

When we did decide to make out, it was definitely more than enough! Neither one of us wanted anything serious, but we enjoyed our time together just the same.

Banana daisy

Casino-inspired Cocktail Recipes

Another cool drink mix that can be made at home is called a banana daisy. This delicious concoction includes 1 part milk, 2 parts plain old water, and half of a mashed ripe banana. To make it more interesting, you can add in some cinnamon or sugar to taste!

The creaminess of the banana makes this cocktail perfect to sip while watching TV or doing other activity. It also works well as an after dinner treat or breakfast beverage because it does not hurt your stomach like many other drinks do.

This recipe was inspired by casino cocktails and recipes for mixed drinks. Because the banana gives the mixture its texture and flavor, most people feel it does not have too much extra junk such as salt or alcohol that could possibly ruin the drink.

Strawberry daisy

Casino-inspired Cocktail Recipes

This drink was first made in casino bars where they would give you complimentary strawberries to make this cocktail. What most people don’t know is that there are actually two recipes for it! One uses vodka, and the other uses white wine or Champagne instead.

The main difference between the two versions is what kind of sugar to use. In the champagne version, you should use plain sugar because the acid in the Champagne will otherwise ruin the flavor of the drink. For the white wine version, using granulated sugar is better as it does not dissolve into the liquid.

So which one is right? It depends on how much strawberry purist you are! Either way, however many strawberries you add, they have to be fresh so that they taste good. 🙂 either in the glass or by mixing them into the drink precariously!

Strawberry Daisy Recipe – Vodka Version

These drinks can easily be mixed at home! You can also switch up the berries used if you do not like or run out of ones that are in season. Just remember that the more berries you use, the less strong the drink will be due to their natural sweetness.

Ingredients: 2–3 whole strawberries, 1 shot pure alcohol (like vodka)

Directions: Add the strawberries to your blender along with the alcohol. Mix until smooth and pour into a chilled glass.


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