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Casino-themed Movie And TV Shows

Casino-themed Movie And TV Shows

A movie or television show with casino themes is definitely not for kids. There are always lots of flashy, bright lights, loud sounds, and large amounts of alcohol being consumed. Sometimes there are even gambling scenes!

These types of shows often use exaggerated storylines to draw in an audience. They are very entertaining to watch because you never know what kind of situation the next scene will put someone in.

Many people love these games so much that they professionally go into them. For example, this includes poker, blackjack, roulette, and slot machines. Some even make money using their skills while others enjoy it more as entertainment.

There is no wrong way to play any game when watching these movies and shows, but some may find themselves getting too invested in the stories.

Get Rich Quick

Casino-themed Movie and TV Shows

Many people associate casino themes with flashy clothes, fancy cars, and expensive jewelry, but what many don’t know is that some casinos actually use their theme to promote helpful money management strategies.

A common theme in gambling establishments is the “get rich quick” or “fortune teller” schemes that are intended to appeal to fortune seekers who want to believe they can win big without investing much time or effort into studying the game.

These types of scams often flaunt large prizes and impressive looking odds, making it seem like you have a better chance at winning than you do. This can be very misleading for two reasons: first, the word “chance” implies that someone else made this decision, not you; second, these scam games typically offer extremely high limits which incentivize players to spend more money to earn even more!

Experts agree: betting heavily on these types of games will likely cost you more money down the road. It is best to steer clear of such gimmicks if you want to remain within your budget.

Another thing that has been proven about gamblers is that men are inclined to gamble more than women. Although there may be no definitive reason as to why this is, scientists do hypothesize that male sex hormones play a role by enhancing risk taking behaviors.

The Wolf of Wall Street

If you have ever watched the show The Goldbergs, then you know that it is very entertaining to watch. It has everything; funny scenes, dramatic scenes, lots of action, and even some casino themes! The main character is often seen doing business at casinos or going gambling with friends, so there are always plenty of themed settings for the show to use.

When they do not have a scene set in a casino setting, they make one up. For example, in an episode titled “Big Day”, Mr. Goldman (the father) announced his retirement and wanted to give away all of his money. His sons therefore gathered together many boxes full of cash and took them to their house to stash them.

At this point, we see someone drive past the car with big bass drops as the music plays. We learn that this person was listening to the song “Money Make Me Famous” by Ariana Grande. Since we already had the word Money in the title of the movie, it made sense to connect the two.

After learning about this connection, it makes sense why the music matched the situation so well. Not only does the song tell people to be rich because of how famous you become due to wealth, but also the lyrics talk about getting attention and praise for being wealthy.

Breaking Bad

Casino-themed Movie and TV Shows

Many people know that Vince Gilligan, creator of the television show Breaking Bad, loves casino games. He has mentioned it in interviews several times! His favorite game is Caribbean Hold’em. This style of poker was made popular by Atlantic City casinos in the early 2000s.

He also likes Baccarat which is similar to regular roulette but with only two numbers (0 and 1) and no way to win unless you get a 0 or a 1 at the end.

In an interview he said that this feeling he gets when watching Baccarat is what got him into writing about gambling. He thought it would be interesting to see someone who enjoys gambling turn into a villain eventually.

That person turned out to be Walter White, the main character of his hit show Breaking Bad. He started as a low level drug dealer before becoming more involved in the illegal substance market.

He now works for a meth manufacturing company and uses his knowledge of chemistry to make drugs. But his job does not stay secret very long and soon everyone around him finds themselves hurt because of his actions.

Casino-themed movies and shows are great ways to enjoy breaking bad while learning some things about the game of poker. You can even watch some episodes to find more clues about how Walter became so evil.

The Blues Brothers

Casino-themed Movie and TV Shows

When we talk about casino themed movies and shows, one of the first things that come to mind are The Blues Brothers. Not only is this movie iconic for its incredible plot, but it also features some seriously entertaining scenes!

In the movie, Jake and Elwood Blues (aka John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd) team up as private investigators in order to find their missing brother. Along the way they meet many characters connected to the casino industry, including Robert Duval who plays the owner of the hotel where they stay.

There’s even a scene at the end where they dress up as pirates and raid the casino! They take all the money and then spend the rest of the film trying to return everything back to normal. All the while keeping an eye out for their brothers who have gone off to look for them.

Not only does this movie show how funny taking advantage of others can be, but it also teaches us important lessons about being able to identify a fake person or group.

Animal House

Casino-themed Movie and TV Shows

A lot of people know the movie “Animal House” for its riotous scenes, clever jokes, and memorable characters. What many don’t realize is that there are several references to casinos in the film!

Early in the movie we see Eric (Jon Lovitz) and his friends playing what appears to be poker with some balls and sticks. While they play this game, a wall behind them has fake bookmakers and advertisements. One says, “Visit The Mirage For Great Entertainment!”

Later in the movie, we see the dean (John Michael Higgins), professor Gorman (Philip Bartlett Johnson), and president John Keating (Dylan Baker) at an offsite meeting where they discuss how to handle the situation involving Eric. We can tell it looks like they are talking about whether or not to expel him, but it seems more like they are deciding if he should be allowed to graduate.

They seem very concerned about whether he will succeed after graduation, which could possibly indicate a fear he might go into teaching or something related to education. This could also imply a suspicion that he would fail as an adult and hurt other students or teachers he comes into contact with later in life.

There is also a scene where we see one of the professors putting up pictures and decorations for an event. He uses plastic tableware and dice to create a setting similar to a casino. All these things have similarities to some features at real-life casinos.


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