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Casino-themed Party Ideas

Casino-themed Party Ideas

Having fun at parties can be tricky, especially if you do not have much money to spend or are very budget conscious. Luckily, we have gathered some great casino party ideas here for you!

These themed party concepts include everything from the types of games that can be played, to how you can use gaming equipment as decorations. Some even include recipes and tips!

If you would like to add some level of entertainment to your next party, you can easily mix and match these ideas and develop your own unique one.

Game night with the adults and kids

As we have seen, having fun at party’s for children usually involves playing toys or engaging in activity games. For teens and young adults, however, things get a little more interesting.

Parties can become very adult oriented. This is totally fine! If you are going to invite people to your home, then they should expect something beyond board game and movie nights.

Casino-themed parties are an excellent way to do this. Not only are there gambling opportunities, but also drinks that resemble alcoholic beverages and food that look like junk foods. It is great motivation for people of all ages to enjoy some partying!

Drinking alcohol and casino gaming are both activities that can easily lead to poor decisions or risk taking behaviors. These types of events can be a good opportunity to expose attendees to these risks so that if anyone does decide to make bad choices, they will know what to watch out for.

Online casino night

Casino-themed Party Ideas

A online casino night is when people organize their own private event at the casino that features gaming, drinks, and/or snacks. People who attend the party get to enjoy themselves while also supporting the casino!

Party poppers often times are sponsored by companies that send free items or prizes for attending events. It is important to check out your invitees’ Facebook profiles before agreeing to work with an organization so you know what content they promote.

Some of the more popular casinos have organized nights every week, making it easy to join in on the fun without having to plan ahead. Others will hold special events if the community members participate and invest in marketing materials such as t-shirts or goodie bags.

Casino parties can be expensive depending on how many people come, but there are ways to keep the costs down. Some people pay for their ticket using rewards points or frequent flyer programs.

Buffet party the kids will love

Casino-themed Party Ideas

A buffet is an excellent way to entertain children. They can go around and look through all of the food and find something they want or need. Some foods are more attractive than others, but none offend their taste buds!

Most people picture buffets as large trays of mostly identical looking food, but that isn’t always the case. Some offer different styles of cuisine, some have dishes organized by color, and some have specific types of food groups (like fruits or vegetables) in separate bowls or plates.

Whatever style of buffet you choose to do, make sure your guests enjoy eating it! If anything looks too busy or complicated for someone, they may not want to try any part of it.

You should also be aware of how much money each person consumes at the buffet. Some people eat very little due to cost or time constraints, so don’t overstock the plate sizes if this happens.

Drink and food tickets

Casino-themed Party Ideas

Having fun at your party doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, nor do you need to spend lots of time organizing it! Since we are talking about parties here, drink and snack tickets are a great way to go.

Drink and snacks are always a crowd favorite so there will be little difficulty in getting them donated or provided free of charge by vendors or friends.

You can purchase small bags or boxes of drinks and snacks that people may or may not enjoy, but they’re still serving their purpose because everyone gets some beverage or something to eat!

These types of tickets work well for surprise partys as well since people don’t have to ask if they want anything or what type of drink or food they would like, they can just take whatever is given to them.

Slot machine party

Casino-themed Party Ideas

This casino night idea is perfect for people who love gaming! You can easily turn this into an interactive chat event with some great games. Plus, you do not need to have any kind of food preparation skills to give this a try.

What you will need: Some table clothes or slot machine clothes that are easy to wash, paper plates, plasticware, and of course, lots of snacks.

Step 1: Pick your game

You can choose from many different types of games at casinos. These include poker, blackjack, slots, roulette, etc. People usually pick one type of game and then get drinks and snacks while they play that game.

Here, we will go through the process of how to host a slot machine party. This article will also discuss what kinds of games best fit in this setting.

Gold coin party

Casino-themed Party Ideas

If you are looking to add some glam to your night, then this is definitely one of the best casino theme ideas. For this party idea, you will need 1 batch white chocolate chips, 2 cups lusciously buttery soft cream cheese, and 5–7 grams gold flakes.

To make the coins, take half of the cream cheese and put in an oven safe container. Add two tablespoons of the melted white chocolate into the cream cheese and mix together until it has blended into the cream cheese.

Once all mixed well, pour the mixture onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet and let cool for about an hour.

When the dip sets up, break into pieces to create your golden casino shaped balls or coins.

These can be stored in an airtight bag or container but they do not last too long if done that way.

Blackjack party

Casino-themed Party Ideas

A blackjack party is an entertaining way to celebrate someone’s birthday or anniversary! You can easily add this fun event to your growing list of casino-themed parties.

To hold a successful blackjack party, you will need adequate supplies of food and drink, as well as enough space for players to gather and chat.

Many people hire professional blackjack dealers who are trained in hosting events. This gives guests full access to all of the cards and equipment they need.

Some party hosts organize the games themselves so that everyone has a chance to participate. Both options are totally fine, just make sure one of you is designated as the leader. That person should be familiar with the game rules and how to run the table.

Party decorations such as streamers, hats, and plastic ware are easy to find and cost nothing.

Dice game party

Casino-themed Party Ideas

A great way to spend an afternoon is by playing dice games! There are so many different types of dice games, you’ll be hard pressed to run out of things to do. Some of the most popular include:

Poker – This one has some pretty interesting rules. You can play for money or fun!

Caribbean poker – This version replaces the deck of cards with various trays that hold the same amount of chips.

Baccarat – Here, players bet on whether the ball will go in or come out of the net.

Rouge et bleu – Also known as “Vieux Carré”, this game comes from France and resembles blackjack. The difference? It’s easier to stand pat than bust in this game!

Party trick– These are activities that require no equipment but make for lots of entertainment. One of my favorites is throwing a dart at a box, see what letter it lands under.

Dice game parties are a lot of fun and don’t cost too much money.


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