Fake SickKids fundraiser scamming people in Toronto, police say

Fake SickKids fundraiser scamming people in Toronto, police say

Toronto police are warning the public about a man who is allegedly scamming people by pretending to be a fundraiser for the SickKids Hospital Foundation.

How the scam works

According to police, the man has been going to apartment buildings in downtown Toronto and asking residents for cash donations for the SickKids Foundation. He wears a lanyard with a fake identification badge and claims to be a canvasser for the charity. He sometimes becomes aggressive and intimidating when people refuse to give him money or ask for more information.

Police say the man only accepts cash and does not provide any receipts or confirmation of the donations. He also does not have any official SickKids Foundation materials or brochures.

Fake SickKids fundraiser scamming people in Toronto, police say

How to spot the fake fundraiser

Police say the public should be aware of the following signs that indicate the man is not a legitimate SickKids Foundation representative:

  • He only asks for cash and does not accept any other forms of payment
  • He does not have any SickKids Foundation logo or branding on his clothing or badge
  • He does not have any SickKids Foundation literature or information to share with potential donors
  • He does not canvass in apartment buildings or condominiums, as SickKids Foundation workers do not do so
  • He becomes rude or hostile when questioned or challenged

Police also advise the public to always ask for identification and verification from anyone who claims to be a fundraiser for any charity. They say legitimate charities will always provide receipts and contact information for donors to follow up.

How to report the scam

Police are asking anyone who has encountered the man or has any information about his identity or whereabouts to contact them at 416-808-5200 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477). They are also asking anyone who has been a victim of the scam to file a report online at Toronto Police Service website.

How to support SickKids Foundation

SickKids Foundation is a reputable charity that raises funds for the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, one of the world’s leading pediatric health care centres. The foundation supports research, education, and care for children with complex medical conditions and their families.

The foundation says it does not solicit cash donations door to door and does not employ any third-party canvassers. It says anyone who wants to support its cause can do so through its official website at [SickKids Foundation website] or by calling 416-813-6166.

The foundation also thanks the public for their generosity and vigilance and says it is working with the police to stop the scam.

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