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Glamping And Luxury Camping Destinations

Glamping And Luxury Camping Destinations

Looking to enjoy some luxuries this summer? Then glamp up! Or, if you are already in that boat, then try out some luxury camping for an even more special experience. Either way, these are wonderful ways to spend your time this season.

If you have never tried sleeping under the stars or staying at a non-traditional accommodation site like a yurt or RV, then now is the time to do so! The opportunities are endless when it comes to glamping and luxurious camping destinations.

You can find all sorts of overnight accommodations with just about any type of cuisine, including vegan. Almost anywhere has at least one campsite with basic amenities like water fountains and bathrooms which are usually clean.

There may not be many natural resources around, but most areas will at least give you access to a grocery store within walking distance or local transportation to get there.

Best luxury camping locations

Glamping and luxury camping destinations

If you are looking for an experience that is totally unique, then consider trying out glamping. This will not only give you an incredible night’s sleep, but it can also afford you some of the most beautiful surroundings you have ever seen.

There are many different types of glamping experiences. Some include staying in chic accommodation with all the luxuries you would expect to find, while others are more rustic and natural. No matter what kind you choose, they are sure to impress!

Here we will discuss our top five luxurious camp sites around the world.

Fun and luxury camping locations

Glamping and luxury camping destinations

While some people may consider staying in a hotel after having dinner at a restaurant as “camping,” glamping is definitely not that. When glampers stay at fully-managed campsites or RV resorts, they are able to enjoy all of the amenities that site has to offer — including showers, laundry facilities, restaurants, and/or entertainment options.

Some sites also allow you to cook your own food which removes one of the main reasons why most people choose to camp – because they do not want to make or find things for themselves!

Another reason why these types of stays are popular is due to the level of service provided by the site. Because everything from cleaning up after yourself to making sure you have what you need made ahead of time, there is little room for worry or self-reliance. This takes away part of the motivation to explore outside the home area since you do not feel comfortable relying on others.

There are many different types of glamping experiences out there. Some give you more basic services while others are totally immersive.

Upscale camping locations

Glamping and luxury camping destinations

For those who want to enjoy extra luxuries, glamp-style camping is an excellent way to do so. These types of campsites offer higher quality amenities than your average campground with better beds, private bathrooms, and/or fully equipped kitchens.

Many sites have wi-fi, large flat screen televisions, smart devices for entertainment, and even washers and dryers in some cases! Some even have gourmet kitchens that include cookware and table settings.

These types of accommodations are perfect if you like to spend time doing things such as eating food or using the bathroom. You will not feel constrained when you go out for these things because they are readily available at the site.

There can sometimes be high fees associated with staying at a luxury camp ground, but these fees are usually for additional services. This includes use of the gym, spa, etc. They may also add a tourism tax which usually equals about one night’s stay per person.

Overall, though, the cost is worth it since you get more amenities and you probably won’t need to go elsewhere to fulfill your needs.

Luxury tents

Glamping and luxury camping destinations

When talking glampies, there are two main types of accommodations you will find. The first is what we refer to as luxury camping or back-in-the-day style campsites with old school amenities like communal bathrooms that have poor quality water pressure and thin walls.

The other type of site which has grown in popularity over the past few years is what they call ‘luxury tents’ or ‘glamping sites’. These typically feature private baths with good water pressure, sleek decor and comfortable beds.

Some even include smart technology features like Netflix streaming and refrigerators so guests do not need to take their own supplies!

These types of sites usually offer free breakfast for night campers, too. Most let you self-serve refreshments from their kitchens either at an additional cost or complimentary depending on the site.

What is important to note about these luxuriously designed shelters is that although they are considered a roomy space, they are very closed in. This can be a challenge when trying to connect with nature outside, especially during non-summer weather.

Luxury RV rentals

Glamping and luxury camping destinations

When it comes to glamping, there are two main types of accommodations you can choose from. One is staying in an already prepared luxury camping or recreational vehicle (RV) that has all of the amenities you need before arriving at the destination.

The other way to do it is to bring your own bed and bath products. You can either pick up pre-made bunk beds or look for soft mattress brands that are sleep quality focused.

Both of these options are totally fine! It depends on what kind of person you are when it comes to sleeping. If you enjoy being surrounded by lots of things then buying one of the above mentioned units is a great option. Or, if you like more personal space, then renting one of the above mentioned RVs is better for you.

Luxury cabin rentals

Glamping and luxury camping destinations

For those who love nature, glamping is the best way to spend your time. Rather than spending money at a traditional hotel or campground, you can choose to stay in an upscale accommodation that does not have many amenities close by.

Many of these luxury cabins are designed with beautiful landscapes as their setting. You will enjoy natural views during your stays here!

Some even offer outdoor living spaces so you can eat outside or sleep under stars without having to go back home immediately. This gives you more opportunity to connect with the surroundings and feel relaxed.

These types of accommodations are perfect for people who like tranquility and privacy. They also give you space to unwind after a hard day.

Safari camps

Glamping and luxury camping destinations

If you are looking for more of an African safari experience, then look into glamping or luxury camping. These types of accommodations feature rich experiences in terms of cuisine, entertainment, and overall feel. Some even have large-scale spa services!

Safaris that offer these luxuries typically go to great lengths to ensure their guests’ comfort and happiness. They usually take time to get to know your personal traits so they can tailor special activities and treatments for you. This is not always the case with “normal” accommodation options!

Many hotels use automated check-in systems which eliminate the need for human interaction. This removes one barrier to staying there. But it also means there is no way to verify if the person checking you in is actually who they claim to be.

At glamping and luxury camping locations this is less of an issue as humans handle checks-ins. Staff members are able to see whether someone is who they say they are by their facial features and physical characteristics.

Backpacker hotels

Glamping and luxury camping destinations

While not typically considered as luxury camping destinations, there are some that fall under this category. These types of accommodations offer glistening bathrooms with heated floors, premium bedding, high-end towels, hot shower gels, and even fresh fruits or vegetables for breakfast!

Most backpacker hotel rooms will also have a kitchenette area equipped with cookware and utensils which is nice to be prepared ahead and enjoy them while you’re traveling. Some even have refrigerators so you can pack your own food if you would like!

There may also be additional amenities such as free wifi so you do not have to worry about being limited due to poor cell phone coverage.


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