Gold prices rose slightly by Rs 120 to Rs 38,040 per ounce

The price of jewellery gold has gone up by Rs 120 per razer in Chennai. Russia, the world’s most powerful country, is waging war by invading its neighbour Ukraine. This war tension is echoing in the world economy. Part of it is that the price of precious jewellery gold continues to fluctuate. On the first day of this month, the price of gold fell by Rs 280 per razer to Rs 37,920 per razer. This made the customers very happy.

But the next day the price of gold rose. Then for a few days the price of gold falls but peaks in the next few days. In this situation, the price of gold fell sharply yesterday. Accordingly, the price of jewellery gold in Chennai fell by Rs 25 per gram to Rs 4,715 per gram yesterday. Also the razer was reduced by Rs.200 and the razor was sold for Rs.37,720. Thus people who had been planning to buy gold for a long time are happy.

Gold price
Gold price

In this situation, the price of gold rose by 120 rupees per razer in a single day today, causing some turmoil among the people. In Chennai, the price of a gram of jewellery gold (22 carats) has gone up by Rs 15 to Rs 38,040 per razer and is now selling at Rs 4,755. In Chennai, the retail price of silver is Rs 66 per gram and Rs 66,000 per kg. Russia – Ukraine Experts say gold prices may rise in the long run amid a number of factors, including the problem and inflation.

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