Henry County partners with private developer to build new shell building

Henry County partners with private developer to build new shell building

Henry County is taking a new approach to attract businesses and industries to its Patriot Centre Industrial Park. The county has entered into an agreement with a private developer to construct a new shell building on one of the park’s lots.

What is a shell building?

A shell building is a pre-built structure that can be customized and finished according to the needs and preferences of a potential buyer or tenant. Shell buildings are designed to offer flexibility and convenience for businesses that are looking for a ready-made facility to start or expand their operations.

Shell buildings are also a way for local governments and economic development agencies to market their sites and attract investment. By having a shell building available, they can show prospective businesses that they have the infrastructure, utilities, and amenities in place to support their growth and success.

Who is the private developer?

The private developer that Henry County has partnered with is Marlboro Development Team (MDT), a South Carolina-based real estate firm that specializes in industrial and commercial projects. MDT has experience in developing, leasing, and selling shell buildings across the Southeast.

Henry County partners with private developer to build new shell building

MDT will be responsible for the design, construction, and marketing of the new shell building in Henry County. The company will also bear the cost and risk of the project, which means that no taxpayer dollars will be used for the development.

What are the details of the new shell building?

The new shell building will be located on Lot 2 of Patriot Centre Industrial Park, a 32-acre site with a 2.58-acre graded pad. The building will have a total area of 105,000 square feet, which can be expanded to over 400,000 square feet if needed.

The building will feature a pre-engineered metal structure with a 32-foot clear height, a concrete slab floor, and a standing seam metal roof. It will also have dock-high and drive-in doors, LED lighting, and fire sprinkler system. The building will be suitable for a variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, or food and beverage.

The construction of the new shell building is expected to begin in 2024 and be completed in 2025. MDT will work closely with the Henry County Board of Supervisors, the Henry County Industrial Development Authority (IDA), and the Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to market the building to potential buyers or tenants.

Why is this project important for Henry County?

This project is important for Henry County because it will enhance its economic development potential and competitiveness. By having a new shell building available, the county will be able to offer a turnkey option for businesses that are looking for a fast and efficient way to establish or expand their presence in the region.

The new shell building will also showcase the county’s assets and advantages, such as its strategic location, skilled workforce, low cost of doing business, and high quality of life. The county hopes to attract businesses that will create jobs, increase tax revenue, and diversify the local economy.

James McClain, Board Chair of the EDC, said that shell buildings are an essential part of the county’s economic development strategy. “They provide turnkey options for businesses, allowing them to cut costs, save valuable time, and streamline their production process. This partnership with MDT will allow us to once again offer that option to prospective businesses,” he said.

Henry County Administrator Dale Wagoner said that this project is a win-win for the county and the developer. “It’s coming at no cost to the taxpayers, we’re going to get a spec building built and ready to go that we can offer an industry which we do not have no to offer to the industry and ultimately will create jobs in our community and build our tax base,” he said.

He added that the county is optimistic about the future and the opportunities that the new shell building will bring. “Our community has been through some tough times and hopefully we’ve turned that corner and we’re moving in the right direction. And with every economic announcement, it creates opportunity for our residents to get good paying jobs to support their families in a meaningful way,” he said.

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