Home News “Hollywood Icons Unite for ‘Book Club’ Anthem”

“Hollywood Icons Unite for ‘Book Club’ Anthem”

“Hollywood Icons Unite for ‘Book Club’ Anthem”

Veteran actresses come together for a new project

Book Club' Anthem

Four of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses have teamed up for a new project. Mary Steenburgen, Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, and Candice Bergen have collaborated on a new anthem, inspired by their popular movie, ‘Book Club’. The actresses, who are all over the age of 60, hope to inspire women of all ages to embrace their inner strength and independence.

Showcasing women’s enduring power

The new song, titled ‘Gloria’, is a tribute to the enduring power of women. The lyrics encourage women to stand tall and be proud of who they are, no matter what their age. The song is a powerful reminder that women of all ages can still make a significant impact in the world, even long after they have retired from their careers.

In a statement, Steenburgen, Fonda, Keaton, and Bergen expressed their excitement about the new project. “We are thrilled to come together once again to showcase the strength and resilience of women,” they said. “‘Gloria’ is a tribute to all the fierce ladies out there who are still making waves and inspiring others. We hope this song empowers women to embrace their inner badass and take on the world.”

A message of hope and inspiration

The new song, which was released on June 7th, has already garnered plenty of attention from fans and critics alike. Many women have taken to social media to express their excitement over the new anthem and how it has inspired them to embrace their inner strength. The song comes at a time when women’s rights are at the forefront of the cultural conversation, and serves as a message of hope and inspiration to women across the globe.

‘Gloria’ is a testament to Steenburgen, Fonda, Keaton, and Bergen’s enduring friendship and their commitment to using their platform to inspire positivity and change. With the release of this new song, these four iconic actresses have once again proven that age is just a number, and that women of all ages can still make a significant impact in the world when they come together to support one another.


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