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How To Improve Your Skateboarding Tricks

How To Improve Your Skateboarding Tricks

Many people have made a career off of creating new, cool tricks that you can do on skateboards. These artists develop their skills by practicing and repeating maneuvers over and over again in different situations.

Skating has always been popular, but it’s really picking up steam now. There are many ways to learn how to skate better! You don’t need to be trained in gymnastics or figure skating to get some great tips before you hit the ramps and half-pipes.

There are two main types of skaters — street and park. Street skateboarders typically use their board as both feet so they can put more force into their riding and do things like kick flips. They also usually stick with very common tricks.

Park riders are just the opposite. Because they only have one foot touching the ground at a time, they must work harder to achieve the same trick. Therefore, they are typically much more creative and out-of-the-box when designing their own specialties.

Both styles of rider are important to know because even if you are mostly doing beginner tricks, you should still pay attention to what the professionals are doing.

Practice makes perfect

How to improve your skateboarding tricks

As you can probably tell, skateboard tricks are fun. They are also tricky to do well. Therefore, practicing your tricks is very important!

Practicing skating will always include doing some type of trick. Some types of tricks require more practice than others. For example, learning how to do a back flip requires spending more time practicing your feet position and technique than, say, trying to learn a nose drop.

Skating online courses and videos are great ways to go about this. There are many sites with free lessons that contain helpful tips and tricks. Many of these have you doing one or several tricks so you can just follow along and work on improving your own skills.

Overall, there’s no wrong way to improve your skateboarding tricks as long as you’re working on it consistently.

Hold your skateboard closer to your body

Holding your board more close to your feet is better for advanced tricks like kick flips, back foot slides, and nose drops. Why? It’s just easier!

When you hold your deck farther away from your feet, it becomes much harder to do certain tricks. For example, doing a nose drop requires you to set your ankle on an edge of the board and then push off with your front leg. This is way harder if your ankle does not make contact with the board because the weight of the board makes it difficult to balance properly.

Holding your board closer to your feet also helps in terms of stability. Because your feet are attached higher to the ground, your board doesn’t want to pull out as easily. This is particularly important when attempting tricky maneuvers such as kicking half-pirouettes or rolling downhill.

The best approach is one that feels comfortable for you so whichever position works best is what we suggest.

Use a smooth motion

How to improve your skateboarding tricks

When you skate, there’s one fundamental move that everyone does at some point: The 360 round-house kick!

Most people do this trick with a really fast rhythm and a very crisp arm movement. Unfortunately, most people lose sync when doing it and it looks more like someone rolling around on the ground or throwing a big ball.

This isn’t necessarily bad, but if you want to improve your tricks then you need to know how to do it properly.

The best way to learn is by watching YouTube videos of people performing the trick. But not just any video, only ones with good quality footage and no background noise are needed.

Make sure to pay attention to what position their body is in, whether they look comfortable while performing the trick, and if they seem nervous or stiff. All of these things affect how well you can perform the trick later on.

Use a straight push off

How to improve your skateboarding tricks

When you do a kick-flip, it is usually your feet that rotate in the air first before you roll or flip over. The trick is how quickly you get out of the stance!

To improve this, use a shorter, faster pushoff. You can also practice this with a half-kickflip; instead of doing a full one, just go down and back as if you were going to do a regular ollie!

This will take some time to perfect though, as your foot must be planted firmly behind you before you move. If yours isn’t then try practicing with less power or even none at all until you find a way to make it work.

Learn how to do kick flips

How to improve your skateboarding tricks

Kick flipping is one of the most fundamental tricks you can learn to improve your skateboard skills. It’s also one of the easiest to perform!

A kick flip starts with a foot slide (or “kick”) and then a transition into a backflip. The feet must be in position for both types of moves at the same time, which makes this trick more difficult to execute than simple back-to-back flops like the helicopter or banana.

But don’t worry, once they get the hang of it, everyone can try doing their first few kicks!

Luckily, there are some pretty straightforward tips that will help them figure out when and how to do a kick flip.

Have fun!

How to improve your skateboarding tricks

A lot of people get stuck into a rut when it comes to skateboard tricks. They spend hours practicing one trick, hoping that someday they will hit a triple corkscrew backflip.

Many begin to feel like they are wasting their time if they can’t pull off a flip soon.

But what most beginners fail to realize is that you do not need to know every trick in the book to enjoy skateboarding.

You can start by trying some simple flips and other basic tricks before moving onto more advanced ones.

By adding new skills to your arsenal, you will also be improving your balance, agility, and motor control. These qualities are important for safety as well as learning how to do tricky maneuvers.


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