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How To Register A Business Name?

How To Register A Business Name?

If you are an entrepreneur that has planned to start your business, you have probably already done some research into what types of businesses will fit you best. Most likely, you have determined that something with more than one person involved is better for you as an individual, and possibly even for your partnership.

Running a business with others can be tricky at times, however. This article will talk about how to register a business name so that you can begin working towards running your company. It will also discuss some important steps for registering a business in your state.

Registering a business name allows you to use the business’s legal structure to suit its needs. For example, if the business name includes your personal name, then it would allow you to take credit for the business debt, as well as keep your personal reputation intact. On the other hand, using a third party’s brand could help promote their product or service!

Business names typically cost around $100-250 depending on the state you are in and whether there is already a similar business using the same name. Some states require you to do this before you can officially open your business, while others don’t.

Consider the impact of your registration on your business


Choosing a business name is one of the most important things you will do as an entrepreneur. Your business name not only identifies what your business does, it also gives your customers some sense of who you are as a person and what services you offer.

It can even set yourself apart from competitors! Finding your perfect business name may take time, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll go over all the different ways to register your business name so that you can focus more on running your business and leaving name search behind.

There’s no wrong way to choose your business name, but there are some tips and tricks for choosing the best fit. Here are our top five tips for finding the ideal business name.

Prepare your registration documents

how to register a business name?

As mentioned earlier, you will need proof of business ownership for every state in which you intend to register your business name. This means that before you can register your company’s name, you must first prove you own the rights to it!

Most businesses keep copies of their registration documents in a safe place, but it is important to make sure these documents are easily accessible in case they get lost or stolen.

It is also very helpful to have a copy of these documents saved online so you do not lose them due to malfunctioning equipment or theft.

This article will go into more detail about what kind of documentation is needed to register a business name, how many pages each document should be, and some easy ways to save all of this information.

Register your business

The next step in starting your business is registering your business with state or federal agencies. This process is called registration, and it’s done through an agency that handles such registrations for the specific type of business you have.

Most states offer at least one free week-long window during which you can register your business name. During this period, you must prove you are authorized to run the business by providing proof of employment (such as a job title) or proof of residence (like a house address).

After the seven day window has passed, most fees are assessed per use of the business license. These include application and renewal fees as well as a transaction fee. Some businesses only charge the latter two when they go into effect immediately while others make you re-apply every year.

Some people also recommend doing it annually instead of biennial so there isn’t an extended time frame where someone could steal your business identity.

Pay the registration fee

how to register a business name?

The process of registering your business name is typically paid through an agency or via online services that have yearly or monthly fees, respectively. Some states require you to register your business at both the state level as well as local city levels while others only offer the choice at either one or the other depending on which area you are in.

Some examples of agencies that can help with business registrations include LegalZoom, SmallBizSolutions, Law Firm Solutions, etc. That way once the process is done, they handle all the paperwork for you!

Most companies also provide you with free initial consultations where they tell you about their service and how it works before asking you any money. This way you know if this company is right for you before investing too much time into it.

Get a business license

The next step in registering your business is getting a business license. This document verifies that you are an authorized user of the business name, it confirms that you can handle money, and it gives you some basic organization information such as contact numbers and addresses.

Most states require you to be at least 21 years old to get a business license, so make sure to check this before completing any forms!

Business licenses vary from state to state but most contain:

Your full legal name (this includes middle names)

Contact information- including email, phone, and address

Proof of identity verification documents like passports or IDs

Evidence of employment with paychecks or proof of self-employment

This process typically takes a few days to weeks depending on how quickly your state moves.

Apply for tax IDs

how to register a business name?

Before you can register your business name, you will first need to apply for two things: A Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Employer ID number and an Individual Income Tax File (IITF) or taxpayer identification card.

A TIN is like a social security number for businesses. It is used to identify you as an employer with employment taxes such as income tax, workers’ compensation insurance, and unemployment insurance. Almost every company is required to have one!

An IITF identifies you as an individual taxpayer who earns money. This includes if you are self-employed, run a side hustle, or work full time but still manage to pay personal bills. You must include this information when registering your business name.

Update your profiles with the following websites

To update your business information, you will need to go onto each of the following sites to register or link your accounts. Some require you to verify your account, while some do not!
As soon as you have verified your account, you can then update your legal name, address, phone number, email, website, and any other personal profile details.

This process should be done for all five sites mentioned here so that everything is in sync. Make sure to check your messages to see if there are any notifications about changes being made.
You may also want to consider linking your social media accounts to help spread your brand’s message!

When finished, test out your new business info by creating an account on one of these services and see what works for you. Also, remember that even though you have paid to use a service, you don’t necessarily have to take advantage of every feature.

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