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How To Sell Photography?

How To Sell Photography?

Selling photographs is not like selling other types of merchandise- it goes against most natural instincts. We as humans are intuitive sellers. If you show me something and ask me to buy it, I will try hard to resist!

Selling photography takes more than just putting up pictures for people to look at. It’s much harder because your competitors aren’t usually wrong when they put up their photos.

At the very least, you need to be able to take good pictures with a camera. You also have to know how to use Photoshop or another editing software program to make your images stand out. And finally, you need to be honest about your skills and what kind of service you offer.

Don’t assume that everyone knows everything about taking pictures. In fact, some people may feel intimidated by those who can take better pictures than them. This could prevent them from trying to learn how to take great pictures or buying one of yours if you ever start doing so.

This article will talk about ways to promote your business through sales and marketing strategies. Included will be tips and tricks on how to get started promoting your photography business and keeping up with trends.

Buy a good camera

how to sell photography

A very popular way to start selling photography is to buy yourself a nice, quality digital camera! This can be done as a beginner photographer with little money. Many professional photographers started out with quite expensive cameras that they upgraded over time.

The key thing about buying your first DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera) is make sure it has at least 5-lenses! You want at least one wide angle lens, one normal lens, and two close up lenses. The last three are typically not included in the price of the camera but can be purchased separately or as a set pack.

You do not need all of these lenses at once, some people start off with only having one main focus lens before investing in the rest. However, this is important to have if you plan to take pictures outside or of objects that are closer than what your current camera allows.

A lot of sellers will include a telephoto lens as a part of the package, which is totally fine! Just make sure it is slightly lower cost than the ones that are extra powerful, otherwise it may be wasted space inside the body.

Another crucial piece is a decent sized memory card! Make sure it has enough room for many photos so that you do not run out of space quickly.

Get good lighting

how to sell photography

Lighting is one of the most important parts of taking great pictures. Natural light is usually your best bet, as it’s more affordable and easier to work with than using studio lights or direct sunlight.

Photographers use various types of natural light sources in their works, such as windows, trees, streetlights, and even just plain old daylight.

By being aware of your surroundings, you will naturally capture beautiful images!

There are several ways to achieve excellent outdoor lighting, including creating back-lighting, ambient (white) illumination, and sidelighting. All three can be done easily without using heavy equipment, and by experimenting with different settings, you’ll find what works for you.

To take your picture night photography beyond mere fun, learn how to apply atmospheric effects like luminous fog, soft focus, and star trails to add depth and dimension to your image. These advanced shooting modes can also be incorporated into other genres of photography, not only landscapes!

Image courtesy of shutterstock.com

You don’t need very expensive gear to experiment with lightning. Many people have shared their tips and tricks for achieving striking results with little to no special equipment. In fact, some experts recommend working outdoors to gain experience!

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced photographer, learning about lighting is an integral part of capturing stunning photos.

Take your time

how to sell photography

A lot of people get stuck in this vicious cycle of not selling anything because they don’t want to keep producing more creative material. They put up their work for sale, but never actually sell anything!

If you are constantly taking photos, then create! Create beautiful images, edit them, develop your style – just produce as much content as possible.

This will make it easier to pick one area that you are weak in and focus on improving that. You can also start sharing your work with others or starting a photography site.

There is no need to go all-in on creating a business at once, so do it slowly! Keep yourself healthy by limiting your sales goals to see how well you can survive first before investing more money into marketing and gear.

Offer your service for a low price

how to sell photography

As mentioned earlier, offering your professional services at a very low price is one of the best ways to gain exposure as a photographer. By doing this, you will likely attract some business from people who are looking to start their career or improve theirs by taking pictures.

By providing quality photos for a low cost, you will stand out in a crowd. People will notice how good your photography is and may even ask you about your equipment, settings, etc. This can be used to gather more information or just to get friendly!

Your clients will feel comfortable buying your services since they are not expensive. Most people do not have access to professional level photographers so they look up to those that offer affordable services.

Running an online portfolio or flickr account is another way to use your services to help promote yourself.

Tell your clients what you want the final product to look like

how to sell photography

As noted before, being able to describe your styles and how they fit with others is a great way to market yourself as a photographer.
But it’s not just describing your style, it’s also telling people what you want the end product to look like!

Most photographers don’t really tell their clients that. They either go in with no idea or they have vague ideas but nothing definite.

If you ever feel uncomfortable talking about your business, workbooks are a perfect solution. There are many free ones online (like yours truly) where you can design your own. You can add pictures, text, and even videos to make your booklet more interactive.

My tip: Make sure everything you include has a direct link to you or your website.

Offer your service in exchange for advertising

how to sell photography

Another way to sell photography is to offer your services as a photographer in return for an advertisement or sponsored content. This can be done either online, through social media sites, or via print advertisements or magazines.

By offering your services as a paid professional, you will get more exposure which could lead to more business. If you are looking to start making money as a photographer, this is a great way to do it!

Many large companies out there need photographs for marketing materials, products, or websites. By offering your services as a paid professional, you will get top dollar for the work you put into it.

This article will talk about some ways to advertise as a freelance artist and promote yourself as a professional photographer.

Use the internet to market your business

how to sell photography

Even though technology has made it easy to produce, edit and share digital images, doing so without any professional branding is not the best way to promote yourself as an artist.

Having a strong brand identity is one of the most important things you can do for your artistic career. This means having your name, what kind of photography you take, and anything else about your business match together into one beautiful image that people will recognize as yours.

Your brand identity is also something that changes over time. As you grow as a photographer, you’ll find new ways to present yourself to the public.

For example, if you are in the beginning stages of your career, then perhaps presenting yourself more casually would be better than wearing flashy jewelry or clothing. With every passing year, you should be investing in quality equipment to help spread your art.

But beyond all of that, how you interact with others is just as important. If you are able to connect with individuals and get to know them, they may want to purchase from you or at least come back as clients.

Create a website

how to sell photography

After you start sharing your knowledge and experience as a professional photographer, how will people know who you are? If you’re reading this article, then that means you have decided to launch your own business selling photography services!

Your first step towards becoming successful in the industry is creating an online presence or “website.” A website is like having a profile page on Facebook or LinkedIn. Yours will be much more detailed and feature additional content to promote your business.

You can create a free website using a service such as Google Sites or WordPress. It does not need to be fancy, but it should contain your contact information, offering photos of you doing your job, and links to all the other sites you have designed or sold pictures for.

This site could also include some basic photo editing software if you use those products yourself – most brands offer them at no cost as part of their portfolio program.


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