Home Automobile India sells 2 lakh electric cars a year by 2025 – Kia hopes

India sells 2 lakh electric cars a year by 2025 – Kia hopes

India sells 2 lakh electric cars a year by 2025 – Kia hopes

Kia, the country’s fastest-growing carmaker, estimates that sales of electric cars account for about 5% of total passenger vehicle sales if it sells 2 lakh electric cars a year. Speaking on the occasion, a senior executive at Kia listed the infrastructure, PLI project, consumer sentiment, and government investment as key drivers of growth.

According to MyungSik Sohn, Chief Sales Officer, Kia India, the main reasons for the rapid acceptance of EVs in Europe and China are the government’s strong regulatory policies and its huge investments in EV infrastructure development. So the increase in circulation of EVs depends on the government of a country. So if the Indian government does the same, I hope sales of EVs will peak in the country in the next 3-4 years.

He further said that the Government of India has introduced the PLI scheme and OEMs have applied for it. If all goes well, the car market in India is expected to reach 4 million sales by 2025 with 2 lakh units of EVs per annum. Although Kia has launched its EV6 in the range of Rs 59.95 lakh and Rs 64.95 lakh, it has set aside only 100 units of this car for sale in India as fully built units (CBU).

Delivery of these 100 EV6 units is set to begin in September but we are in talks with our suppliers. They told us they were trying to grade over 100 units. So we hope to get good news from them, ”said Yungsik Sohn.

Hardeep Singh Prar About EV Dealerships

“We have opened 15 EV dealerships in 12 states across the country,” said Hardeep Singh Prar, Senior Officer, Kia India. We aim to cater to EV6 customers by installing a 150kW charger at each dealership. It will also be open to customers of other OEMs. There have also been some bookings from the countryside. But we have made it clear to our customers that there is no infrastructure in those places.

The overall car market in India is expected to reach about 3.5 million units this year and electric four-wheelers are expected to account for 2% or 70,000 of them. Kia Corporation, meanwhile, is targeting a 6.6% global EV market share and a 25% share of its sales from EVs by the end of 2025.


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