Indian Economy Rise strongly beyond the 3 corona waves – US Treasury praise

Indian economy rise

Indian economy rise: The U.S. Treasury Department said in a statement that India’s economy had recovered strongly after the three-wave Corona impact. The US Treasury Department has submitted its half-yearly report to the US Congress.

In it, it has made detailed comments praising the Indian economy. Accordingly, the Indian economy suffered adversely due to the Govt wave. By 2020, the country’s economic growth had shrunk to 7 percent. Meanwhile, economic activity has rebounded in 2021 as a result of India actively implementing its vaccination program.

Indian Economy Rise Strongly

By the end of 2021, 44 percent of the Indian population will have received the full vaccine dose. Due to this, the Indian economy has grown by 8% in 2021 after the fall of 2020. Despite the third wave in India due to the spread of Omicron in early 2022, casualties and economic losses have been low.

Indian economy rise

Similarly, the Government of India continued to provide funding during the Great Depression. As a result, the fiscal deficit widened to 6.9 percent in 2022. Total imports in India increased by 54 percent in late 2021 due to increased imports of goods. Similarly, exports are expected to grow by 43 percent in 2021. All these signify the economic recovery of India.

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Similarly, remittances to India overseas increased by 5 percent to $ 87 billion by 2021. Similarly, the trade relationship between India and the United States has improved. Thus stated in the US Treasury Report.


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