Internet Explorer: 27 year old Internet Explorer era is coming to an end

Internet Explorer End of Life: Microsoft has announced the closure of its browser, Internet Explorer. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will be discontinued tomorrow, June 15, 2022.

Unable to compete with today’s web browsers, the old IE is ending its service. In fact, it is currently rarely used.

Internet Explorer
Only 5% of people use this browser. Until 2003, Microsoft’s web browser was number one. Very little was known at the time when Microsoft Internet Explorer was launched. People found it difficult to work on the Internet. With the advent of this browser, it has become easier for people to work on websites.
It was mainly used in government sector first banks. Although a few browsers came in from time to time, it still served as a bulwark. People relied heavily on this browser. IE was launched on August 16, 1995, by Microsoft. This is the first web browser of its kind. Thus making big jobs easier for people.
What is the alternative to Internet Explorer?
Chromium-based Edge browser is an alternative to Internet Explorer. You can no longer use IE. You can use the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser instead.

It works on both Windows and Mac OS. Many more users prefer this browser because of the high-security feature in the Microsoft browser.

Comments shared on social networking sites
Internet Explorer users are posting on social networking sites. Users have said that they will never forget the Explorer who has been king for many years and is currently retiring. Some users have posted on their Twitter page that no browser can fill your space. It is now spreading virally on the internet.

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