Home News John Cena Addresses Talent ‘Burying’ Concerns and WWE Rumors

John Cena Addresses Talent ‘Burying’ Concerns and WWE Rumors

John Cena Addresses Talent ‘Burying’ Concerns and WWE Rumors

John Cena Shares Thoughts on ‘Burying’ Talent

WWE superstar John Cena recently sat down for an interview and discussed the topic of “burying” talent in the wrestling industry. “Burying” refers to a wrestler intentionally defeating another wrestler in a way that makes them look weak or incompetent. Cena stated that he has never intentionally buried anyone and believes in working hard to put on the best possible matches. He also emphasized the importance of giving young talent opportunities to shine and grow in the industry.

John Cena

Cena’s comments come at a time when there has been much debate about the issue of “burying” talent in WWE. Some fans and wrestlers have criticized WWE for pushing established stars at the expense of up-and-coming talent. However, Cena’s remarks show that there are still wrestlers who believe in fairness and sportsmanship in the industry.

WWE Rumors on Scripted Promos

Another hot topic in the wrestling world is the issue of scripted promos. In recent years, WWE has come under fire for heavily scripting its wrestlers’ promos, leading to generic and lackluster performances. However, rumors have emerged that WWE may be moving away from scripted promos and allowing wrestlers more creative control over their characters and storylines.

While there has been no official announcement from WWE regarding this change, many fans and wrestlers are hopeful that it will lead to more engaging and authentic promos. The move towards unscripted promos could also give rise to more unique and dynamic characters in the WWE universe.

Tag Team Division in WWE

The tag team division in WWE has also been a topic of discussion lately. Many fans and wrestlers feel that this division has been neglected in recent years, with few exciting storylines or memorable matches. However, there are signs that WWE may be paying more attention to its tag team division, with the recent formation of new teams and the reemergence of veterans such as The Hardy Boyz.

If WWE can continue to invest in its tag team division and create compelling storylines and matches, it could lead to a resurgence of interest in this often-overlooked aspect of wrestling. With talented wrestlers like The Usos, The New Day, and The Revival leading the way, the tag team division has the potential to become one of the most exciting parts of WWE programming.


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