Home News Man Scales California News Tower to Protest: ‘Free Billie Eilish’ Sign Waves in the Air

Man Scales California News Tower to Protest: ‘Free Billie Eilish’ Sign Waves in the Air

Man Scales California News Tower to Protest: ‘Free Billie Eilish’ Sign Waves in the Air

A Billie Eilish Fan’s Bold Move Shuts Down Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard

California News Tower

A man caused chaos and shutdown Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard after he scaled a TV tower, clutching a “Free Billie Eilish” sign. According to reports, the man climbed 30-feet up KTLA’s 162-foot tower on Tuesday night and remained atop for over three hours. The incident ended safely after an hours-long standoff and the man was taken into custody.

Eyewitnesses said that the man was also holding an electric guitar while perched on the KTLA news tower in Hollywood. Photos and videos of the incident show the man holding up his sign while swaying back and forth on the top of the tower. It is unclear why the man chose to climb the tower and hold up the sign. However, the incident garnered widespread media attention and sparked intense interest among fans of the popular music artist, Billie Eilish.

Hollywood Traffic Grinds to a Halt

The man’s stunt on Sunset Boulevard caused traffic accidents and closed several streets around the area as police tried to get him down from the tower. The police arrived at the scene at around 7 p.m. local time and immediately shut down Sunset Boulevard in both directions. The traffic snarl-up extended to nearby areas, causing inconvenience to several commuters.

The man refused to exit the tower, forcing police to close the roads leading up to the building. Police negotiators talked to him for hours, attempting to bring him down safely. Eventually, the man agreed to come down on his own, leading to a peaceful conclusion of the situation.

Fans of Billie Eilish Rejoice

The incident generated a massive buzz on social media platforms with many hashtagging “Free Billie Eilish” or “Billie Eilish for President” on Twitter. The hashtag “Man Scales Tower with Free Billie Eilish Sign” trended on Twitter for hours, with people sharing their reactions to the bizarre incident. Fans of the music artist attempted to decode the meaning behind the man’s gesture and tried to connect it with the artist’s latest work.

Billie Eilish has not responded to the incident yet, and it is unclear how she might respond. Nevertheless, the bizarre stunt drew the attention of millions worldwide and highlighted the love that her fans have for the star.


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