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Medicine for Cancer – Doctor Explained the Benefits of Medicine

Medicine for Cancer – Doctor Explained the Benefits of Medicine

A study of 12 colorectal cancer patients who had taken the same medication for six months found that all of them had ‘disappeared’ cancer. As part of this test, all patients underwent a series of clinical examinations such as physical examination, endoscopy, bioscopy, PET scan, and MRI scan.

After one year of median follow-up, no report showed them any signs of cancer. Rectal cancer, which usually affects the lower part of the colon, can be treated with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

All 12 patients who participated in this study received dostarlimab for six months after careful monitoring of clinical response by magnetic resonance imaging, F-fluoroscopic glucose-positron-emission tomography, and endoscopy. Mandeep Singh Malhotra, a doctor in the oncology department at CK Birla Hospital in Delhi, said the test was not about the drug but the paradigm of immunotherapy.

Medicine for Cancer

Why is this test important for cancer research and treatment?

The results of this report are very encouraging, but we will not be able to read more about it until a major test is completed, said Dr. Ashok Kumar White, head of medical and hemato oncology at the Medanta Hospital Cancer Institute in Gurugram. “Once a major test is done, the findings will be validated. However, for now, the results are very good and promising.

It is activated by the body’s immune system. We do not know if it works for cancers other than colorectal cancer because no tests have been done on it, ”he explained.

Emphasizing that this study is promising, Dr. Malhotra noted that it has important to understand that it has been used in patients with high tumor mutation due to colon cancer. He also notes that he uses many ways and means to survive and develop cancer, so a big test would be more appropriate for a bigger understanding.

Do these patients who have received a clinical complete response have a pathological complete remission? It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

According to Dr. Anil Taqwani, a cancer consultant and senior consultant at the Fortis Noida Vejovis Super Specialty Clinic, this test does not work for all types of cancer. In colorectal cancer, it is only useful for people who have a defective and inadequate repair gene (gene-deficient mismatch repair gene) and are resistant to chemotherapy.

We have to wait a while and follow the patients who participated in this study. We should not be too happy about that, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary-general. At the same time, he stressed the need to conduct a major test with different types of colorectal cancer patients in the future.


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