MTV Movie & TV Awards 2023: And the Winners Are


MTV Movie & TV Awards 2023: See Who Won

The 31st edition of the MTV Movie & TV Awards was held on Friday, June 30th, 2023. The awards show celebrated the best in movies, television and everything in between that wowed viewers. Hosted by actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore, the show honored actress Jennifer Aniston with a special award. Here are the highlights from this year’s awards ceremony.

Best Movie


The winner for Best Movie went to James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water. This groundbreaking film was praised for its stunning visuals and captivating story. It was a fitting tribute to Cameron’s legacy as one of Hollywood’s most influential directors.

Best Show

The award for Best Show went to Netflix’s Stranger Things. This sci-fi drama has been a fan favorite since its debut in 2016 and continues to be one of the streaming service’s most popular series. Its third season was widely acclaimed for its thrilling plot twists and compelling characters.

Best Performance in a Movie

The winner for Best Performance in a Movie went to Tom Cruise for his role in Top Gun: Maverick. Cruise delivered an electrifying performance as Maverick, bringing back memories of his iconic role from the original 1986 classic Top Gun. His acceptance speech while flying a fighter jet also made headlines around the world!

Other Notable Winners

Other notable winners included Pedro Pascal who won Best Performance in a Show for his role as Mando on The Mandalorian; Jenna Ortega who won Best Performance in a Show for her role as Wednesday on The Addams Family; and Scream VI which won Best Horror/Thriller Film Award.


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