Netflix Creating ‘La Casa de Papel’ and ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Video Games

A modest bunch of Netflix’s TV series, including Money Heist ( La Casa de Papel ) and The Queen’s Gambit, will be adjusted into video games. The declaration was made on Friday (June 10) during the virtual 2022 Geeked Week occasion.

In La Casa De Papel, which is being created by the Colombian organization Killasoft, gamers follow a storyline where the heist group is determined to ransack a gambling club in Monaco that has a place with a sus tycoon. From the trailer, the game seems as though having a ton of firepower is going.

“Now is the ideal time to put on the Dali veil,” the Netflix Geeked account tweeted. “A La Casa De Papel game is headed to Netflix!”

Netflix Creating Video Games

As per Deadline, The Queen’s Gambit chess game will be created by Ripstone Ltd in the United Kingdom. The trailer for the game highlights chess pieces and chess blocks set for competition. A vivified form of fictitious chess wonder Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) then shows up on the screen with the words “We should begin” inside a text bubble. Do you have the stuff to beat Beth in a chess coordinate?

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“In 2020, The Queen’s Gambit started off a chess upset, and presently it has it’s very own round coming to Netflix,” the Netflix Geeked account tweeted. “Take a few illustrations from Mr. Shaibel, play matches against Borgov, or contend with companions in this adoration letter to the show.”

Other series-turned-games that will be delivered by Netflix before long are Shadow and Bone and Too Hot to Handle. Last year, Netflix presented its absolute first video game in light of its Stranger Things series.

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