Life Insurance Premium Collection

In Financial Year 2022, Life Insurance Premium Collection Increased by 13%

Life Insurance Premium Collection: Life insurance firms collected 13% more premiums in FY 2022 compared to the year before. Life insurers collected Rs. 3.10 lakh crore as premium in FY2022…

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Insurance companies to offer Health Insurance

IRDAI asks Insurance companies to offer Health Insurance to every category

Insurance companies to offer Health Insurance: IRDAI has nudged insurance companies to offer health insurance policies to transgenders, differently-abled persons, people who are HIV positive or infected with AIDS, and…

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IND vs SA T20

IND vs SA T20: India clash with South Africa today in a do or die match

IND vs SA T20: The touring South African cricket team is currently playing in a five-match T20 series on Indian soil. South Africa won the first match by 7 wickets in…

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Card Tokenization

Card Tokenization from July 1: What is the change in debit and credit card rules?

Card Tokenization: RBI launches new rules on credit and debit cards For security and privacy reasons, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has ordered merchants to ban the storage of customers’…

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Mercedes-Benz announces recall of 1 million old cars

Mercedes-Benz to recall about 1 million older models worldwide: Mercedes-Benz on Saturday announced the recall of nearly one million older cars worldwide due to problems with the brake booster. The…

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UN General Assembly

UN Recognized Hindi in UN General Assembly

The United Nations is a total of 193 member states. However, there are only 6 official languages ​​of the UN, including English. Eighty countries, including India, have repeatedly insisted that…

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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer: 27 year old Internet Explorer era is coming to an end

Internet Explorer End of Life: Microsoft has announced the closure of its browser, Internet Explorer. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will be discontinued tomorrow, June 15, 2022. Unable to compete with today’s web…

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How to Avoid getting stones in Kidney

How to Avoid getting stones in Kidney? What should eat to avoid Kidney stone?

How to Avoid getting stones in Kidney: Kidney stones are deposits of certain minerals and salts that crystallize in the kidney and form small and large stones. They cause severe pain…

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Bathing in Hot Summer

Must Follow This While Bathing in Hot Summer

Bathing in Hot Summer: To increase the number of nutrients in our body or to cool our body, we need to make some changes in our lifestyle. We need to…

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Tamil Films Grossed 300 Crore

Tamil Films Grossed 300 Crores in Just 10 Days – See Here

Tamil Films Grossed 300 Crores: Rajini, Vijay, and Ajith are emerging as leading actors in Tamil cinema. Their films have made many collections. Here is the list of Tamil films…

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