Samsung Chip Production Faces Disruption

Sensing electronics semiconductor production in China is facing a hit from South Korean truckers blocking exports of key chipmaking material.

It’s part of Strike and Korea International Trade Association, Keita said that it is happening in the first concrete sign that the week-long strike has been an impact on chip manufacturing.

Kita said a Korean Company that produces isopropyl alcohol IPA. It’s a raw material for cleaning chip papers. It is facing complications now in shipping products to a Chinese company that in turn supplies wafers to Samsung Electronics chip factory in China.

Peter said in a statement weeks’ worth of shipments have been delayed so far. But earlier, South Korean steel maker Pasco also said it will halt some of its plants in-country due to a lack of space to store finished products.

Samsung Chip Production

Products have not been shipped due to a strike by truckers who demand higher pay as fuel prices surge. Costco follows automaker Hyundai in cutting manufacturing lines as a strike by thousands of truckers disrupted cargo transport at countries’ industrial hubs and major ports as well

Container traffic at ports is also stored sharply at Busan Port in Korea which accounts for 80% of countries’ container activity traffic goes down to a third of non-Friday.

At Incheon Airport. it’s fallen to 20% of normal levels or at Port of Ulsan industrial hub where much strike action has occurred. Container traffic has been completely suspended since Tuesday.

Some 7500 members are about 35% of cargo truckers or Union is expected to be on strike on Friday.

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