Historic Texas hotel rocked by massive explosion, 21 injured

Historic Texas hotel rocked by massive explosion, 21 injured

A historic hotel in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, was the site of a massive explosion that blew out windows, scattered debris and injured 21 people on Monday morning. The cause of the blast is still under investigation, but authorities suspect it was related to a gas leak.

Explosion heard and felt across the city

The explosion occurred around 9:30 a.m. at the Sinclair Building, a 16-story hotel that dates back to 1929 and was recently renovated. The hotel was evacuated and guests were relocated to nearby hotels. The blast was so powerful that it was heard and felt across the city, shaking buildings and rattling windows. Some residents reported seeing smoke and flames rising from the hotel.

The explosion also damaged several nearby buildings, including a church, a bank and a parking garage. Debris from the hotel, including bricks, glass and metal, littered the streets and sidewalks. Some cars were crushed by falling rubble. Firefighters and police officers cordoned off the area and urged people to stay away from the scene.

Historic Texas hotel rocked by massive explosion, 21 injured

21 people injured, one in critical condition

According to the Fort Worth Fire Department, 21 people were injured in the explosion, including hotel staff, guests and bystanders. One person was in critical condition and was transported to a hospital by helicopter. The rest of the injured were taken to local hospitals by ambulance or private vehicles. Some of the injuries were minor, such as cuts and bruises, while others were more serious, such as burns and fractures.

The fire department said that no one was missing or trapped in the hotel, and that all the guests and staff were accounted for. The fire department also said that there was no fire or smoke inside the hotel, and that the explosion was confined to the exterior of the building.

Gas leak suspected as the cause of the blast

The exact cause of the explosion is still unknown, but authorities believe it was related to a gas leak. The hotel was undergoing a conversion to natural gas from propane, and workers were installing new gas lines and meters. The fire department said that there was a strong odor of gas in the area before the explosion, and that they received several calls from concerned citizens.

The fire department said that they were working with the gas company and the hotel management to determine the source and extent of the gas leak. They also said that they were inspecting the hotel’s structure and systems to ensure its safety and stability. The fire department said that it could take several days or weeks to complete the investigation and restore the hotel to normal operations.

Historic hotel with modern amenities

The Sinclair Building is a historic landmark in downtown Fort Worth, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. The building was originally an office tower, and was converted into a hotel in 2019. The hotel features 164 rooms and suites, a rooftop bar and restaurant, a fitness center and a spa. The hotel also boasts of being the first in the world to use the Li-Fi technology, which uses light to transmit data and provide internet access.

The hotel’s website describes the hotel as “a perfect fusion of historic art deco architecture and cutting-edge technology.” The hotel’s slogan is “Stay Smart. Stay Sinclair.”

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