Top Players to Watch for New York Giants on Day 2 of 2023 NFL Draft

New York Giants on Day 2 of 2023 NFL

The New York Giants made a splash in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft when they selected a highly-touted wide receiver. But the Giants still have several holes to fill on Day 2 of the draft. With key positions like edge rusher and offensive line still needing attention, who should the Giants target in the second and third rounds?

New York Giants on Day 2 of 2023 NFL

Edge Rushers to Watch

One option the Giants may consider is taking an edge rusher in Day 2 of the draft. Among the top prospects to watch is a talented edge rusher from the University of Miami. He was a standout performer in college, and has the potential to be a game-changer at the professional level.

Another option at edge rusher is a player who had a dominant season at a smaller program in the NCAA. He is a highly athletic prospect who has shown flashes of being a dominant pass rusher. With the Giants needing help in getting after opposing quarterbacks, he could be a great addition to their defensive line.

The final edge rusher to watch is a player who was highly underrated coming out of college. Despite his lack of major media attention, he has tremendous potential to be a dominant player at the NFL level. With the Giants needing to bolster their defensive line, he could be an excellent addition on Day 2 of the draft.

Offensive Linemen to Watch

In addition to needing help with their pass rush, the Giants also have several holes to fill on the offensive line. One standout player who could be available on Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft is a talented offensive tackle from a major NCAA program. He has the size and strength to be an excellent player at the professional level, and the Giants could certainly use his skills to improve their pass protection.

Another offensive lineman to watch is a player who played at a smaller program, but showed tremendous potential during his college career. He has excellent footwork and agility, which could be a major asset for the Giants’ offensive line. With the team needing to protect their quarterback and create running lanes, he could be an excellent addition to their roster.

A final offensive lineman to consider is a player who was highly recruited coming out of high school, and has now turned in several impressive seasons in the NCAA. He has the versatility to play at several positions on the offensive line, which could be hugely valuable to the Giants as they look to shore up their offensive front.


As the NFL Draft continues into Day 2, the Giants will need to be strategic in their selection process. While they took care of their need at wide receiver in the first round, they still have several major holes to fill. Whether they choose to target an edge rusher or an offensive lineman, there are several talented prospects to consider. Which player will the Giants ultimately select? Only time will tell, but these are the players to watch as the draft continues.


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