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What Is Commercial Photography?

What Is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photographers are those that aspire to make their career out of creating advertisements, promotional material, or product photography. They are paid for their artistic talent to capture beautiful pictures of products or environments so they can then edit these photos to appeal more aesthetically to advertisers or manufacturers.

Commercial photographers typically work with advertising agencies, brands, or companies that need some picture done. Some examples include taking close-up pictures of an item to show off its features, event photograhy like capturing a party or conference, or still life photo shoots where they create a setting with items designed just for the photograph.

There is enough variety in what commercial photographers do that most people know at least one! To become a professional photographer, however, you will have to pursue your degree or certification as well as mastering your craft.

Who does commercial photography

what is commercial photography

Professional photographers are always looking to expand their toolbox of skills, which typically means taking classes or investing in new equipment. However, one thing that never changes is that they must be good at making people look beautiful!

Beauty lies not only in having perfect makeup and hairstyles, but also in capturing someone’s natural beauty. A lot of things can mess up during the process of getting professional quality pictures, so it is important to have some basic photo-taking techniques under your belt.

This article will go into detail about what types of professionals do when shooting commercials, along with some tips and tricks for aspiring commercial photographers.

Equipment used in commercial photography

what is commercial photography

Having the right equipment is important to know how to take professional pictures for business. Different types of gear are needed to capture different images or styles, depending on what you want to show your potential clients!

Commercial photographers usually have very expensive lighting, computer software, and camera bodies. These things all work together to create the best possible image you can get.

Lighting is one of the most essential pieces of equipment. There are many ways to light someone or something, but backlighting is by far the trickiest to use effectively. A good source of light will make your photos look more natural and authentic.

Another way to achieve this is with large softboxes or other similar lights that spread light evenly across the surface. This also allows you to easily control the intensity and direction of light.

Understanding clients

what is commercial photography

As mentioned before, commercial photographers typically have two main sources of income- stills or creative shoots. With creative photography, you are creating pictures that look very aesthetically appealing. This can be posed shots, landscapes, close ups, and so on.

With stills, this is usually through documentary style photographs. These are mostly just you shooting the subject matter directly without any additional props or settings.

The important thing to remember about both types of photography is that they must appeal to or attract an audience. If there’t an obvious story behind what you are photographing, then no one will really care for it. Make sure your photos tell a solid narrative!

As a professional photographer, you should know how to cater to every type of client. Some like more artistic looking images while others want something bold and striking.

Creative directions


As we have seen, commercial photography is more than just taking pictures of products or businesses. It is creating images that appeal to the eye and subconsciously influence buying decisions.

Commercial photographers now have even greater freedom to experiment with new styles and techniques. New applications for Photoshop and other software allow them to create unique backgrounds, textures, shapes, and concepts beyond what was possible before.

Photographers are also able to use unconventional equipment such as low-cost smartphones to capture engaging photos and videos. The quality may not be professional, but they can convey your message well enough!

These tools enhance their artistic expression while keeping the cost under $1,000.

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