Zebronics Introduces Powerful Tower Speaker Made Under Mac In India

Zebronics is launching a powerful tower speaker made under the Mac in India project. Chennai, India June 6, 2022 – Zebronics, a locally made consumer electronics and lifestyle accessories brand, today launched the ZEB-BT800RUF, a tower speaker manufactured in the Made-in-India program. Beautifully and elegantly designed tower speaker, it comes on sale with a wired mic. This will further enhance the celebratory experience of the parties taking place in your home.

ZEB-BT800RUF- is a product manufactured entirely in India from design and development to manufacturing. Zebronics is rapidly advancing in the manufacturing sector by creating well-designed and innovative quality products for the people. This is in line with the vision of our Prime Minister of India, ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Aatmanirbar Bharat’ initiatives. The ZEB-BT800RUF tower speaker is perfect for parties and meetings that can take place at home.


Its minimalist design is small enough to carry it to any part of the room. It is beautiful with compact size and will be suitable for the decor in the living room. It comes with a wired mic so you can have fun playing and singing karaoke for songs to celebrations in the backyard or at celebrations in the hall of the house. This tower speaker has two drivers and a subwoofer to deliver enhanced music quality.

This tower speaker is fitted with two 3 ‘full range driver and 5.3’ subwoofer for an enhanced music experience. This speaker comes with high connectivity features so you can stream your music directly via Bluetooth without a wire connection. The speaker also comes with a built-in FM radio that comes with input options like USB / AUX. For many years, the brand has been at the forefront of sound production with its wide range of high quality products. At the launch of this product, the director of Zebronics, Mr. Pradeep Toshi said, ‘We are committed to bringing the best quality, high quality sound products to market in India.

We are very proud to introduce our ZEB-BT800RUF Tower Speaker. This is our Indian Prime Minister Mr. Consistent with Narendra Modi’s initiatives ‘Voice for Local People’ and the fast growing ‘Atmanirbar Bharat’. We are dedicated to bringing lovingly designed products to market. ZEB-BT800RUF is priced at Rs. Available for 5,099.

About Zebronics: Launched in 1997, Zebronics aims to provide ‘high quality’ products for design & performance in Indian audio production, information technology and sports equipment, mobile / lifestyle accessories, smart gadgets, healthcare and surveillance solutions.

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